A Choice Nanny's® Philosophy/Mission:

Peace of Mind, is our ultimate goal and our commitment, when bringing quality nannies together with families. The demands of parenting, job hunting and time constraints, in today’s fast-paced world, are daunting, even for the most stout hearted individual. A Choice Nanny® understands and sympathizes with families and nannies, regarding their needs and concerns. Especially, when it comes to selecting quality in home reliable childcare or when it comes to the responsibility of looking after someone else’s child. A Choice Nanny® is driven and dedicated when providing families and nannies with our indispensable expertise to find worry-free in-home childcare. A Choice Nanny® has established superior standards and programs for recruitment and retention that are being emulated throughout the country. It is our system of well tested procedures and above average standards that distinguish A Choice Nanny® from other services. A Choice Nanny® is a vigilant and compassionate agency that pledges to achieve the ultimate goal, our commitment ~ your peace of mind.