Codes of Ethics


For over 30 years, ethical conduct has been and continues to be the very foundation of A Choice Nanny®, in Maryland. A Choice Nanny's® dedication is to maintain the fundamental principles of fairness, integrity, honesty, common sense, values and standards. This is the focal point of our company's philosophy. Our strong business ethics form the foundation for all of our relationships: families, nannies, partners, and competitors.

We are and have been dedicated to quality in home child care, since 1983. The protection and well-being of children is paramount; therefore, we believe we have a responsibility to children, families and nannies to support professional in-home childcare. We strive to make sure there is an atmosphere that all children can be safe, secure and nurtured.

The presence of unethical practice can only undermine somebody's confidence in A Choice Nanny's®, standards of excellence, and ultimately our success as a company. Maintaining these values and ethics is a responsibility that falls to all of us, as a community. A Choice Nanny® exemplifies principles of fairness, reason, honesty; carrying on our commitment to integrity in everything we do.

The following are considered vital and are promoted by A Choice Nanny®:

  • respect
  • ethical behavior
  • equality
  • honesty
  • confidentiality
  • integrity
  • service
  • righteousness
  • courage
  • dedication
  • inclusivity
  • dedication
  • professional relationship
  • lawful behavior
  • personal development & education
  • social and cultural responsiveness
  • full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable disclosure
  • accountability for adherence to the Code of Ethics