Online Listing Service vs. Full Service Nanny Agency

When searching for a nanny, there are two types of nanny agencies available: the full service agency and the online listing service. The main concern is to find a safe, reliable and qualified nanny.

What is the difference between a full service agency and an online listing service? There is more of a differentiation than you can imagine.

Online Listing Service

The nanny hiring process is intimidating and overwhelming, especially if you choose the online listing service. You have basically placed a classified ad and will be sifting through hundreds of responses from potential nannies, making endless phone calls, screening and interviewing candidate after candidate. You are also divulging your family's personal information to a mysterious entity.

Finding a nanny On-line is chancy. Anyone can apply as a qualified nanny. All a prospective nanny would need to do is register with the website or place a free ad. No face to face meeting and No reference checking before they are referred, No proof of identity and most of the time No or Inferior background checks.

Are you willing to discount your children's care and take the risk on an on-line site?

Full Service Nanny Agency

Extensive checks of the prospective nannies are completed before an agency will promote them.

Most parents who are looking for a nanny are busy, working parents. Time is hard to come by and parents don't complete the wide range of steps that a Full Service agency would. These steps are vitally important! Child care is not the place to be saving money. Every parent is trying to find the right nanny.

If you decide to carry out your search on your own, please follow the same steps that a full service agency would.

 A Choice
Online Listing
Staffed Professional Office (Monday to Friday)YESNO
Pre-screening & Pre-qualifying nannies on the phone, Prior to In-Person Interview.YESNO
Scheduling & Conducting In-Person Interviews & Evaluations for Nannies.YESNO
Calling Nanny References, making multiple, calls leaving multiples messages & Completion of References ~ NO Outsourcing.YESNO
Final Evaluation of each nanny, after interview and references are completed.YESNO
Background Checks By a Licensed Independent Investigation Firm ~ NO Online Instant Searches.YESNO
Ongoing relationship, support & Counseling to Parents and Nannies, during and after placement.YESNO
Nanny's MUST provide proof of Identity.YESNO
Nanny's MUST provide proof of eligibility to work in the United States.YESNO
Nanny's MUST provide a current and valid drivers license.YESNO
Professional Personal Help (you can talk to a live person).YESNO
Local Ownership & Local FamiliarityYESNO
Time-efficient (Prequalified Nannies)YESNO
Reputable Company in the Community (30+ Years in Business)YESNO
Household Employer Guidance (Information about the Laws)YESSOME
Members of International Nanny AssociationYESNO
Accepted By Association of Premiere Nanny AgenciesYESNO