Peace Of Mind
The demands of childcare in today's fast-paced world are daunting. A Choice Nanny understands this and the need for Peace of Mind by all concerned ~ the Child, the Parents and the Nanny. That is exactly what we have been providing since 1983.

Nanny and Child The Advantage
A Choice Nanny offers Parents and Nannies more years of experience in childcare referrals than any other network of agencies. With offices from New York to Florida, all A Choice Nanny centers adhere to a strict code of ethical and professional standards that have been refined and perfected over time. Each office is individually owned and operated and affiliated into a group dedicated to industry leadership. This is an extra advantage for you.

Highest Standards
A Choice Nanny is committed to providing the best Nannies available that meet the needs of our member families. We've established quality standards and programs for recruitment, training, and retention that are being emulated throughout the country. This includes above-average detective background investigations and reference checks and personal attention to matching.

Rewarding Relationships
In addition, A Choice Nanny has developed a useful, valuable Parent/Nanny Work Agreement and a system of follow up with Nannies and Parents that help ensure a rewarding relationship for everyone whether the Nanny is part-time or full-time, live-in or commuter.

Unique Screening & Matching System
It is our system of procedures and above average standards that distinguish A Choice Nanny from other services -- our commitment to everyone's Peace of Mind. In addition the personal care exercised in matching Nanny skills and talents with needs of the Child and Parents is exceptional.

Time Saver! Money Saver!
Combining all the above advantages, A Choice Nanny saves everyone valuable time. And, as we know, Time = Money! Parents see pre-screened, reference checked, Nanny applicants; Nannies are offered a choice of pre-screened job opportunities. A Choice Nanny provides the following services (partial list):

  • Professional, multi-phased recruitment program
  • Personal, in-depth interviews of applicants
  • Personally checked references, full disclosure of results
  • In-person interviews between Parents & Nanny applicants
  • Thorough professional background checks and investigations

A Choice Nanny is The Right Choice!