Our Services

A Choice Nanny® provides nannies for families who need many different types of care for their child. We have designed special programs to accommodate families with their needs. We advise family to start about 8 weeks in advance when searching for an on-going nanny. It can take anywhere from 2-8 weeks to find the right nanny. You can find a nanny in less time but we do not want our families to make any hasty decisions because they are in a time crunch. When searching for NaniTempTM, KidzChoiceTM, Overnight and Corporate Care, you can begin your search 2-5 days ahead of time.

  • Full Time Live-Out (Where a Nanny works 30+ hours per week)
  • Full Time Live-In (Where a Nanny works 30+ hours per week and lives with the family.)
  • Part Time Live-Out (Where a Nanny works less than 30 hours per week)
  • Part Time Live-In (Where a Nanny works less than 30 hours per week and lives with the family.)
  • Share-A-NannyTM (Where 2 Families Hire 1 Nanny. You Must Find That Family on Your Own. ~ Please see Maryland’s Law)
  • NaniTempTM (Weekday or Weekend Care for 1 day up to several months)
  • Special Needs Care (Children with Various Special Needs)
  • Companion Care (Childcare Including Care for the Elderly or Only Care for the Elderly)
  • Nubaby CareTM (Includes Baby Nurses & Doulas)
  • Nanny Who Brings Her Own Child (Some of our best nannies are mothers themselves. 20% discount on our full time or part time fee since the nanny bring her child to work).
  • TutorCareTM (After-school Care)
  • KidzChoiceTM (Occasional Evening Babysitting Care after 6:00pm Monday to Sunday)
  • Summer Care (Mid June to the End of August Only)
  • Overnight Care (Where the nanny spends the night at your home with the children)
  • Corporate Care (Special Events, Business Care)

To learn more about these programs, our office.